I was watching a tv show video clip because it was on YouTube and YouTube doesn't always have the full length of the show and this show's video clip was from The Real Daytime and the clip I watched was called Inter-Friend-tion. Inter-Friend-tion is where you have an intervention for a friend or sometimes a friend of yours has an intervention for you and it reminded me that none of my friends had an inter-friend-tion with me but I've done one or tried to have one with a few of my friends.



I had this guy friend and we ended up dating in about I think either 4 or 5th grade. We were on and off for a year but we were together for a year and 2 months without breaking up. The thing was none of my friends actually sat down and talked to me that he was flirting with other girls or trying to get with other girls. When I mean that I mean that when I didn't give him an answer to going out with him at first but when I did give him an answer my friend didn't tell me that she was dating him. The guy actually told me and the thing is this friend didn't even tell me that she liked the guy. There was a time where he wanted me and two of my friends to take a test to see who he was going to be better with because he didn't know who he liked more but my friends had taken the test before I did and they didn't come to find me to let me know what was going on. Then in the 6th grade after we had been together for a year and 2 months. Well on the 23 of October which was the second month and he ended up dumping me and I ended up finding out that one of my friends told him that I was cheating on him and the thing was my friend didn't come and talk to me about what was going on between me and this other guy. She didn't even tell me that my boyfriend was going to dump me. Then in the 7th grade he was dating a friend of mine but he would hit on me and flirt with me by saying that he still has feelings for me but he can't be with me because he's in a relationship, that he wants a relationship with me and that he still loves me so I went and told my friend even though she didn't tell me or warned be before when we were in elementary school. Then in high school in about maybe the 10th grade this guy I had went to elementary school with ended up telling me that the guy I had dated in elementary school had tried to hook up with one of my other friends at the Halloween dance that he took me to.


There was this other guy that I had dated. Me and him were friends for a year and he was also friends with my ex and 2 months after me and the first guy that I talked about above broke up me and him started dating. My one friend actually told me that he had sent a message to his ex girlfriend but sent it to her but the thing that made no sense about that is the fact that she couldn't stand him and would make fun of him all the time, he would get my flowers for my birthday, they didn't even had each other on facebook and she didn't have proof that he had actually done that though. So I didn't believe her then in the 7th grade and 8th grade. Mine and his relationship was on the rocks and my one friend ended up messaging me and saying that he was cheating on me with her. Like none of my friends besides my one friend that told me back in elementary school. The friend he cheated on me with was like a sister to me and it wasn't the first time either that she had dated him while me and him was together but the thing that pissed me off was she knew I was with him and she didn't come and talk to me about her having feelings for him or that he was flirting with her. Then in the 9th grade we got back together but then he dumped me again and I had told him that I didn't have feelings for him anymore and a year later I found out from my new best friend who is like a sister to me now ended up telling me that she knew he was cheating on me and that the guy was bragging about it to the whole school and not once did she come and tell me about it. My other friend I had grew up with didn't even tell me that this guy I was dating was flirting with her too.


This story actually happened not that long ago. In the 10th grade I started to date this guy and then we broke up but we would still flirt with each other and we flirted with each other all the way up to the middle of the school year. My one friend actually started to date him and I told her that he had touched my boob but the thing was this friend didn't warn me about my other ex above this story so I was being nice. Well my best friend who is like a sister to me ended up telling me in the summer of 10th grade that the dude would hold her hand, put his arm around her, and that he had kissed her and her response was that she was doing it for me. But she didn't once come to me and talked to me about it.


This is actually a new story and it has to do with my current boyfriend. What happened was me and him had been friends for about 5-6 years and in the summer of 10th grade we thought we would give it a shot but before I said yes to giving it a shot my best friend who is like a sister to me would be blowing up my phone with text messages begging me to go out with this guy and she even called me and gave me this big speech but what happens. Me and him gets together and she ends up messaging him saying that she loves him to see if he would cheat on me but the thing is she didn't tell me the whole truth. She told me that she did send that message about her loving him and his response to that message but my boyfriend ended up telling me that she also said that he should stop playing head games with me and that my boyfriend is not a man and that her boyfriend is half the man he'll ever be but she didn't tell me that part at all. Then me and him broke up. What happens he is messaging her but in his defence he was drunk at the time he was messaging her and he had messaged her saying that he needed to get out and get laid and she told me that she said she had too but she has a boyfriend. That was all I knew but then my boyfriend told me that he did say he needed to get laid but it was my friend that told him that they could basically have sex together and she didn't care that she had a boyfriend or not.


Why is it that I can have an inter-friend-tion for my friends or try to be honest with them but they never give me an inter-friend-tion or even tried to have one or even tried to talk to me about anything that has happened? 


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