I can't believe it next week school starts and I'm so thankful that schools starting soon because I already have 4 grade 12 University credits which means I only need 2 more University credits and then I am done high school. On top of only needing 2 more credits I also only need 23.5 more hours of community hours then I am done. Then at the end of this month I'll be applying to University. Also on top of everything I'm almost got everything I need for University and in probably January my mom, my dad, me, my sisters are all driving to these Universities for tours so I know which one I want to go to the most. Only 9 months left until I graduate from high school. :) :) <3 . I already went to one University tour today and omg that campus was huge and the thing is it's the smallest in Canada. :O . Something esle to is that I'm getting different marks for my GPA. My guidance council said that to get the average that I had to add up all my grades from grade 9-11 which I did then she said that I would have to divide by that many classes. I did that and I end up with a 64% which is a 0.0 GPA but then when I went to do it again it gives me a 69% which is 1.3 GPA. So I ended up using a GPA Calculator and then I got a 2.49 which is between a 77%-82%. Then I went to my high school and I asked what my average was for my GPA and the girl that was working said that she has to add up all my grade 11 courses with my grade 12 courses that I have so far, then times it by that mean and divide by the best 6 and my average I got was a 72.9 but they rounded it to a 73% which is 2.0 GPA. So we asked the tour guide about how they find our average and I told the lady how the person said to me and the tour guide person said that they don't do it that way. So I don't know what the hell my GPA is. Something else that isn't helping is I messaged University of Ottawa to find out the average I needed and they said that they can't tell me. 

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