I'm having some boy problems and it's my last year of high school. I'm just so confused about everything. There are a few guys that I am confused about. A few of them are my ex's and some aren't. 

The first guy I dated on and off for about 3 years and you guys know the story about me and him. Well I was hoping this year I wouldn't see him because I get so pissed off at him because he hurt me so bad. Now it's like I live in his world. When I go to school at 7:23 no one is there but once everyone comes. He's either sitting at the first table that I see or he's walking in front of me. Then he's in my first period class and one time I wore a skirt he looked at me when I walked away. He's hanging out with a guy friend of mine which me and him had a thing going on. He sat at a computer that was on the side of me but not actually next to me because we have this huge printer in between. He almost ran purposally right into me. There has been a few times he's looked at me. Now he's thinking about changing his locker to a locker that is near me because his classes are near the cafe. So I'm confused because he has a girlfriend that he has been with for 2 years but it seems like he wants me to pay attention to him or something. 


The second guy is an ex boyfriend that I dated for a day. The whole year of 10th grade he flirted with me. Then during the summertime he flirts with my friend. Then my friend asks him a question and he ends up chasing after me. Turns me around and makes me look at him and tells me that he still has feelings for me. But then he tells me to date another guy. Then he tells me that he might be hooking up with a girl at a party that night so he might have a girlfriend. I end up dating a guy but it didn't last that long. Then a few months later me and the guy hung out and out of the blue my ex shows up and asks me if I'm dating the guy doesn't say hey or ask how I am doing. Then I don't see him for a few more months then what happens the guy comes over again and a few minutes after he left my ex showed up. I haven't seen him since. He disfriended me on facebook. Then just like a month or 2 ago I saw him and he came to my house. Then I saw him in the mall with a his girlfriend that looks almost like me from behind. Then just a fews day after seeing him at the mall he walks pass my house with my cousin and he doesn't say nothing to me. He acted like I was invisible. Then like maybe a month and a half ago I saw him again in the mall. He was walking up and down the mall and he looked right at me. He stared right at me and just kept on walking. He didn't say hi or anything and we are suppose to be friends. Then my really close guy friend that I have known now for 6 years ends up telling me that my ex never stopped loving me and that those feelings just went away. Then just a month ago I saw him at a BBQ and he looked at me and say "There's Liz" and that was it. He didn't come up to me or anything. Now he has a new facebook account. I don't get why he flirts with one minute and the next he loves me and then the next I'm invisible. 


The third guy is I've known for about a maybe like a year - 2 years. Last year me and him talked a little bit. He said hi to me in the morning once because he was new and he knew one of my family members so he kind of knew me and he told the family member that he would like to get to know me. Well he said hi to me once. Then the next day we would wave to each other. Other than in the morning we hardly talked. Then in the second semester he was in my drama class. We got put into a group and that's when we started to talk more. We started to talk about tattoos, things we liked and coming up with ideas for our group. We decided a wedding. I would be the best mate that got the bride pregnant but the groom thinks the baby is his until at the wedding the bride goes into labour and has the baby. The bride looks at the bestmate and at the baby. Then the bride and the bestmate would walk off and have a happy ending. I was the best mate and he was the bride because we had more guys then girls. So we had to walk off stage together holding hands. Then he said happy birthday to me, when he was around my family member he would tease about me and talk about me, when I saw him to do stuff he would be like "Don't tell". Those things were like our little secrets. When we started to put on the play I remember the opening night before the parents came we had a few students come and watch us and he talked to me until it was time for me to go on stage. After that we hardly talked. But when this school year started he would talk to me in the morning but he would like tease me but like now he won't even talk to me. 


The fourth guy is a guy friend that I kind of had a thing with last year. We would flirt with each other, he would hang out with me, we texted each other everyday all the time even in class, we would sit next to each other in class, when everyone hated him I was there, he made me laugh, I would go out side with him all the time when he had a smoke, we would tell secrets, he would tell my best friend that I was hot and cute, he would tell that I have a nice ass and everything. Everything was going fine that whole year between me and him. Like just flirting. Then when I found out that he had hooked up with my cousin I was shocked, speachless, heartbroken and I don't know why and I still don't know why. Then in May we went on a trip. On the way there he didn't say one word to me at all. When we got there not a word to me. Then the day before we left he took a photo with a few friends and took a photo with a friend of mine but he didn't say a word to me. Then on the last day he actually talks to me. He ends up waking up at the same time, he mets us at A & W, he sits down with us and talks to us, then at the play he sits the sit across from me but on the way back he didn't say a word to me at all. Then when we got back to school everyone hated each other. My cousin hated my friend, my cousin hated me, my friend hated me, I hated my friend, I hated my cousin. Just because of an accident. My cousin took it out of control and just started to bully me because I wasn't taking his side in the matter. Now its a new school year. One the first day he talked to me but after that he wouldn't talk to me, he wouldn't text me, he would hang out with my ex and my ex friend, the last time he texted me was I a few days ago and that was it. He stares at me but won't talk to me. It's like we aren't even friends anymore. 


There is actually a possible chance that there could be one guy that I like in this mess of guys. 

I need help. Can you explain why they are acting the way they are because I have no clue. 


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