Confused (Part 1)

Hey guys I'm here because I need guy advice again and this time I am really confused about everything. 


Just started talking to this guy on kik. He's into the same stuff as me like sports wise, he calls me hot, pretty, cute, always worries about me, tells me how much he loves talking to me, how much he wants to date me and he's so supportive. I had a test coming up and I didn't think I was going to pass the test because I had to always leave class early so I was missing half and hour of class a day for 5 days each week and I didn't study for it because I was busy getting my country essay done because it was due the next day. I told him I was going to fail and he said that I do just fine and that there was nothing to worry about. Then I found out what I got on the test. I ended up getting a 20/30 and he said nice job. He's not like my other boyfriends. He doesn't care that I ended up going to a football game for 2 and half hours that is full of guys. He calls me hun and honey. The down fall is I'm virgin and he has a high sex drive. My one ex had a high sex drive and he was a virgin at the time and he sexually harassed me. I asked him how he would control his sex drive and he said that there are other ways. What happens if me and him does get into a relationship and it goes very well and we end up having a future together and I don't give it up to him everyday then what he'll just go find it some where else. My ex boyfriend ended up losing his V-Card to one of my friends that is no longer my friend but he promised my guy friend that he would wait until marriage to have sex with me and look what happened he almost got my friend pregnant. Something else that is the downfall is the fact that he lives far away also he's been in engaged. What if I don't want to ever get married or have kids. Don't get me wrong I love kids but I have so much I want to do with my life that I never got to. I want to finish high school, I want to go to university for 4 years to get my BA in Psychology then go back to school to get my physics and chemistry and Advanced functions then go back to university for another 4 years to get my BSc for psychology. Once I get my BSc I want to go back to University for my Doctors Degree which means I'll be in school for 8 years. I will be 27 or 28 before I am done my university schooling. Once I done university I want to either be a councilor or working in the mental institutions or working with the cops because it's something I love to do beside Acting. Acting will always be my first love and nothings going to change that. But once I get a job I want to pay back all my student loans before I do anything which is going to take a few years. Then once that's paid off I want to travel the world, I would love to act too on the side, I want to come back to my hometown and open an animal shelter, and I want to open my own office. I'll probably be way to old to have kids by then. What if he wants to get married and have kids. At this moment I don't see myself getting married in the future or having kids in the future. I want to live my life before I even worry about getting married and having a family. Something else about him is that he's 24. 

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  1. anoramanning

    Have you spoken to him about it? I’d like to think that if he is truly supportive, then he will understand your fears and concerns, and if the feeling is true, then he would also share the same worries that you do, because he will worry about what you think and would wish the best for you. The key will be seeing on whether you can both agree that there may be a problem – like with every relationship at some point – and working on it together. It is a two-way thing. Both you and he will have your own dreams and goals to achieve in life, and some of them may be very different, and compromises will have to be met and sacrifices will have to be made. But in a true and real relationship, even if it’s frightening, you will both have the strength to at least tackle it together. Maybe you will fail, maybe you will succeed, but then at least you’ve tried, and tried together as a team. Best of luck. He sounds like a good guy.

    October 01, 2016
    1. invisiblegirl173


      October 01, 2016