Friend Forgetter (Part 2)

The first part is called "I'm not a friend forgetter (part 1)." In that first part I talk about me not being a friend forgetter well in this one I am going to be talking about my experience with a friend forgetter. 


I had this friend and she is like a sister to me. Well in the 8th grade she had a boyfriend and I had a boyfriend but her boyfriend was in the 9th grade so it was easy to hang out with her. Then when they broke up it was still easy and then she started to date my friend it was still easy. When she got back together with her ex we would hang out all the time. Then she started to date this new guy and let me tell you she would hang out with me every minute she got. But let me tell you when she got together with the guy she is with now oh my god it was bad. 


At first they were just friends and she would still hang out with me but right when they started dating she dropped me like a bag of trash. When I mean she dropped me like a bag of trash I mean she actually stopped talking to me for a few days then when she started talking to me we could never be alone. When we hung out at school her boyfriend had to be with us 24/7. He would be at her locker with us, walk her to class with me, he was with us in the morning, lunch time and even after school. When me and her talked he needed to know what we were talking about all the time and she would tell him. She would take days off of school just to go see her boyfriend play hockey but she won't come and support me when I have movie auditions and plays or sports going on. She didn't come with me when I had my first ever movie audition, she didn't come to support me when I got a second movie audition, she didn't come when I got a film audition, she didn't come see the sound of music, she didn't come see music man, she didn't come see the play pygmalion, she didn't come to any of my basketball games, she never came to soccer tryouts to cheer me on, she never came to a basketball tryouts to support me, she never came to a volleyball game and she never once even came to a dress rehearsal or a rehearsal for any of my plays. She didn't support me at all not on my dreams or anything that I loved to do but when it came to her boyfriend she was willing to miss days of school to go support him but she couldn't take an hour out of her day to support her friend. When I told her I wanted to be on student council she made fun of me and said that it was full of preppy girls. She would always put me down. On my birthday she texted me while I was at work saying that i'm a slut and attention whore just because her boyfriend lied to her about what actually happened but she believe him anyways. When me and her would have sleepovers her boyfriend would come over to her place at like maybe 10 at night and won't leave until like 3 in the morning and when is over she completely ignores me, they don't talk to me it's like i'm invisible. It got so bad that her boyfriend was actually calling me names. He was calling me a bitch, attention whore, saying that I belong on the corner. When me and her went out to the movies he followed her and stayed and watch the movie with us. When we hang out she has to take a photo and send it to him because he doesn't trust her. I don't know what it is but when she got into that relationship I was put outside on the side of the walkway. She wouldn't come to my birthday because her boyfriend was tried then she told me that she didn't ask her dad nad then she tried telling me that she was out of town that day. When I try talk to her she tells me to shut up or it will turn into a fight. Even to this day I am put on the back burner. But this time it's not because of her relationship. It's because of the new friends she has. I'll write a third part explaining about that. I swear she is like a friend bully forgetter. She forgets about her friends and when her boyfriend hates someone she hates them to and bullies them she doesn't care who that person is. 

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