Friend Forgetter (Part 3)

In the second part I talked about my experience with a friend that forgets about her friends and that to this day I am still put on the back burner but not because of her relationship anymore but because of her new friends. 


In the 9th grade I made bunch of new friends and my friend didn't like that. She got jealous to the point where she acted like we were in a relationship. She wanted to hangout everyday after school, when I got a boyfriend she would judge him or flirt with him to get him to break up with me, when we got into a fight she would blame my friends on everything. When I got a text she would want to know who it was, what we were talking about and sometimes she would go on my facebook block a few of my friends that she didn't like and she would read the messages, she's even went on my gmail and my youtube channel and my instagram. When I start talking to a guy she needs to know everything, when I say I'm going on a date she needs to know what day, what time, what I'm doing, who I'm going with and what time I will be back. When I say I'm busy she needs to know what I am doing and how long it will be. When I'm watching something she needs to know what I am watching. When I have a test she needs to know how the studying is doing. 


My friend is a friend forgetter when it comes to guys and friends. Now that most of my friends are gone to different schools or to college or we're not friends anymore and she's starting to make all these new friends she puts me at the back burner now. Now that I actually have time to hangout with her she doesn't want to hangout with me anymore. 


When I say she is a friend forgetter when it comes to friends too I mean she forgetters her other friends when she makes new friends. One the first day back she didn't text me or talk to me at all. The only time she talked to me was to let me know a guy friend of mine was there. Besides that she didn't even look my way. Second day she came up with an idea. She said that since we have first and second period together that she could meet me at my locker and we would walk to class together. Well on the third day she said she was heading to class and I said I would go with her and she said straight out No because she walks with her boyfriend to class because his class is 2 doors down from our class. In like probably the third week that's when I was put on the back burner. It started when this girl I grew up with came over to her and started talking to her about something that happened after that the girl was always around all the time. When me and my friend was hanging out in the morning because we have spare in the morning. Well the girl came and sat next her and was talking to my friend. I asked my friend a question about an assignment and she basically ignored me. Then ever since then my friend won't text me, she won't hang out with me. In the morning she'll walk into the library with the girl and then walk back out and she won't come back to the library until spare is half away over then when she does come back she sits on the coach in the library with the girl. One day I texted her telling her we have something to do for a class she goes to the computer and the girl follows her and she prints out the paper then she ripps it up and throws it out. After that she started to hang out with the girl outside of the library but then it turned into her hanging out with 2 girls. They piss me off because when my friend started to hang out with them they would be talking and whenever I came close to the doors they would be looking at me until I walked to my locker, they would watch me walk back to the library. They would always sit out of the library and basically watch me. My friend only wants to hang out with me after school but on her time which is almost all the time but I don't have the much time on my hands like she does. Just a few days something actually happened. I was texting a guy friend and then the next day my friend texts me telling me that my guy friend told her that I was complaining and talking bad about her. Well I texted my guy friend and he admitted that he said I was complaining but never told her what I was complaining about and that all he told her was what I was going to wear on photo day. Then my guy friend actually coughed it out of the bag that my friend and my ex friend was saying stuff about me. I asked what they were saying and he said that it would have to stay between me and him. I promised. Well he ended up telling me my ex friend said that I was dumb and that my friend agreed. He said that they were calling me dumb, fat, horrible at acting, a slut and my friend told him that I'm obsessed with her. Then when I asked her if she thought I was dumb she said No. Which I knew right then that was a lie because she has called my dumb before, she's called me retarted, idiot and stupid. Then just today something happened. I was walking to the bathroom minding my own business and I bet everyone does this. I bet everyone when they are walking they ended up looking straight in front of them or they are looking around. Well I was looking around and I guess the girl thought I was staring at her and she told me to stop staring at her. Then after I come back from the bathroom and I sit down on a bench I got a text message from a random number. This person got my number from a random person that's what the person said but the thing that got me is that right after that incident happened the person texted me and told me to stop staring at his friend. How did the person know I was staring at that person's friend? I asked who it was and the person said their name but the person doesn't even go to my school, we don't even talk anymore, he doesn't talk to anyone that has my number. So I think it's one of my friends little friends that got a hold of my number from my friend and pretended to be the person. 

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