Grow up

I swear some people needs to grow the hell up. On Thursday me and my sister was up at my school waiting for her bus to come well I was listening to music and I saw my ex friend kissing my cousin which one I don't give a shit if they are dating or anything. Well after his girlfriend left to get on her bus to go to school he decides to come over me, my sister and my sisters friend. Here's the thing me and my cousin came up with an agreement. The agreement was that we wouldn't go near each other, we wouldn't look at each other, we wouldn't talk about each other and we basically also said not to cross each other's path ways. He ended up agreeing but then he has broken that agreement so many times. He ended up telling all his friends about what happened, he told his brother, whenever I'm at the mall with my family he goes right up to us knowing that I told him to stay away from me, and he's even looked at me. I've been keeping the agreement. Whenever I see him I walk a different way or I just keep walking, I haven't told any of my friends about what happened since we came up with this agreement, I don't go near him, and I don't look at him. But let's get back to the story. When he came up to us I walked away and then my sister called me oveer because he was gone and she ends up telling me that he thinks I'm pissed off at him for dating my ex friend. I could careless who he dates, who he likes, what he does or anything because why I have school to worry about, I have my future to worry about, I have my own relationship problems like I'm stuck between three guys and I only like 2 of them. 


The girl is my ex friend for a reason. 

  1. When her boyfriend dumped her she flipped out on me 
  2. When I was getting bullied by a friend of ours she basically said that it was okay for the girl to be bullying me 
  3. Then she started fighting with me after she found out that I was no longer friends with the girl that was bullying me because she wanted me to explain and I tried and she just flipped out again 
  4. She never wanted to listen to anything that I had to say in anything 
  5. When I told her that I wanted to switch schools because I was being bullied she told me to keep my head up but what happens she ends up switching schools because she's being bullied and the thing is she wasn't even being bullied 
  6. She got a few of my friends to turn on me 
  7. Everyday after hanging out with her I would come home and I would be loaded with bugs in my hair and then when she left I never got them again 
  8. When we did talk she would ask how school is going and whenever I go to say something it would always be about how she is doing, what's she going to be doing, what she is getting in her classes. It was always about her
  9. When I needed a friend she ends talking all about her, she fighting with me or she ends up blocking me 

So why should I care who she dates or what she does when she never cared about me.


Why should I care about what my cousin does and who he dates. I get he is family and all but the way he has treated me is not the way your suppose to treat family. So like seriously he needs to grow up. 


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