High school almost over!!!!

oh my god something just hit me today of realization. There is only 1 month like maybe 6- a week left until we have to go back to school. Then we only have 10 months when September hits and I am done high school. I actually only have 3 months then I have to apply to College/University. Which means I only have 4 months when September comes to buy my furniture for my new apartment and 8 months until I start looking at apartments. Then like 8-9 months until I move out of my parents place and into my new place. It's going by so fast. Just today I was sitting here and I was marking down the days that I get paid from my job and it made me realize that summer is almost over and the next thing I knew I was looking filling out college/university campus tour sheets. I remember like it was just yesterday I was starting my first year of Sk and now I am graduating from high school in less than a year. 

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  1. summerhaigh

    Time stops for no one. Life carries on and we sometime are so engrossed in it that we do not realize how much we have come far. For this one need to stop and ponder upon what they have done and achieved so far. They must also reflect upon what they want for their future, for this essay services can be of help.

    August 15, 2016