I'm not a Friend Forgetter (Part 1)

I was watching this video on youtube and it's a tv show but in my country I don't think we get the channel that the show is on but the show is called The Real. Well the video I was watching was called "Don't forget your friends when you get a man!" and they called friends that forget about their friends once they get a man are called friend forgetters so I thought it would be cool to blog about a expierence I had with a friend. 


I wouldn't say I'm a friend forgetter because I love my friends to much. I was about maybe 7 or 8 I had my first boyfriend. Omg he was hot and popular. His dad was a chief so cooking ran in the family. But me and him was always in the same classroom and all my friends were in the same classroom so it was easy because he sat at a table with all his friends and I sat at a table with all my friends. Then he moved away. I was about maybe 10 or 11 when I got my second boyfriend. Let me tell you me and him had the same group of friends and there were like maybe 2 friends we were friends with. Like he had 2 friends that I wasn't friends with and I had 2 friends where he wasn't friends with them. So it was really easy to hang out with my friends because if he wanted to spend time with me he would join in with me and my friends. If it was playing soccer he would join and if it was just sitting and talking about something he would just sit there with us. It was the same way with me. If I wanted to spend time with him I would hangout with him and his friends. Sometimes he would come over to my place aafter school whenever we had a test and sometimes I would invite my friends over too. So we could all study together. Then I got another boyfriend when I was about 13 or 14 and we had the same group of friends. When it got into like the 8th grade he would hang out with his friends and I would hang out with my friends but he stopped being friends with all his friends and started to become friends with the same friend we had before. I would still hang out with them but I made this one friend and my boyfriend and her knew each other because they grew up together. He didn't like her and she didn't like. So it was hard. Whenever I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend she wouldn't talk to me for the whole day until after school or if we were in class. Then whenever I wanted to hang out with my friend my boyfriend would get mad. Then one day my friend gave me a choice. I had to choose between him or her. Then later that day my boyfriend ended up texting me saying that I follow my friend whenever she calls my name and that I had to make a choice between him and her and if I don't give him an answer by this certain time he gave me he was going to dumb me. Then I got another boyfriend when I was about 15 or 16 and my friend didn't like this guy at all and this was right after she started dating her boyfriend. Well she ends up texting me saying that my boyfriend told her that he was dumbing me after dating for a day. After we broke up I was fine and okay with it. We were still friends but then he start to flirt with my friend. He would put his arm around her, he would hold her hand, she allowed him to kiss her once but then all of a sudden when I texted her asking her to hang out me and I told her that we would be seeing the guy alot more because he was just living a few streets away from me. At first she was like sure until I told her that we would be seeing him a lot more after I said that she was like "I can't hang out. I can't stand that guy. My boyfriend doesn't want me around him because he doesn't trust me and I don't either". After all that flirting that she allowed happen even when she told me she hated the guy now all of sudden you hate him and don't trust him. At first in my head when the flirtiing happened I was saying "Maybe she had something to do with him breaking up with me because she didn't like the guy at all and maybe they ended up having a secret relationship behind her boyfriends back and behind my back and he felt guilt so because he's not with me anymore he can do whatever he wants". Then after she got so defence about hanging with me when the guy lives near me I was thinking "Maybe they actually had a secret relationship and he could have went and told her boyfriend or maybe he cheated on her with some other girl and that's why she doesn't trust and him telling her boyfriend could be a reason why her boyfriend and her bother don't trust him. To this day I can get a boyfriend and have time for my friends. 


Right now I'm in my last year of high school, I'm on student council, I do community service because I need 40 hours to graduate and I already have 16.5 which means I only need 23.5, I need 35 hours for a class and I already have like 4 hours and 41 minutes I only need 31 hours and 19 minutes then I'm done and the rest of the hours go to my community service, I have been taking University tours, I'm taking a college course, I go driving with my dad on sundays. I'm so busy that one day I woke up at 6 in the morning then I had to help with photo day from 9:00-10:10 then I was in class and then it was lunch time and during lunch time I had to get my photo taken because I had to be back helping with photo day from 12:20-1:40. Then I had to go to my college course from 3:30-6:30 but I had to leave at 5:15 because I was back up at my school from 6-8. I got home just right after 8 then I had to go for a shower, eat supper and do my homework. I didn't get to go to bed until 11:00. Then I was up the next morning at 5:00 in the morning. I'm so busy with school but I still have time for my friends. Me and my guy friend started our flirting again. I had time to do that well talking to another dude. Well making plans for a guy friend to come over while my sisters have their boyfirends over and making time for me and him to go out together to the movies while my sisters go to the movies with their boyfriends. Make time for school, boyfriends, friends and a job because I'm looking for a job on top of all this stuff. My G2 is coming up soon. I'm applying to university too. And I don't know how I do it but on top of a job, boyfriends, friends, school, driving, volunteering, student council, college courses, university tours. I still manage to get all my college work done on time, I manage to get all my high school work done on time and I manage to keep my grades up.  

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