I have this friend and she is really starting to piss me off. She knows that my parents aren't together anymore, she knows that I don't have my G2 yet and when I do get it I don't have a vehical I can drive, and she also knows that I don't ways to get to places. If we ask my uncle he wants $10 to go to the place and another $10 to bring you back home. Then bus passes are $60.00. My mom doesn't have money to keep asking my uncle and buying bus passes. My friend she drives and she has a vehical. One day my friend was over she ended up offering to take my mom out to buy ice cream and when they were out my friend offered to pick me up and take me to school the next day. They come home and she tells me that she is taking me to school tomorrow then what happens my mom leaves to go to work because she has to work at 6:30. What happens a few minutes after 6:30 my friend who is still at my place texts me saying she can't pick me up. She won't even give me a reason to why she can't pick me up. What pissed me off about that is my mom was taking my sisters to a new  school because they were thinking about switching so all morning my mom was busy doing that and because she thought my friend was going to come and pick me up so my mom had no way for me to go up to school so I had no choice but to take the bus.


Something else that pisses me off is whenever she is over at my place she is always texting someone and it's annoying because she always asks "What do you want to do?" well what's the point in doing anything if you're just going to sit there all day texting and when we do something you're still there texting away. When I go over to her place she still texts nonstop but when I am over there I text but it's usually my mom asking if I got there safely and wondering what we are doing and texting me saying goodnight and that's all. If my mom's not texting me then I'm not texting anyone else when I am hanging out with her. When we go out for supper by ourselves what happens she texts and completely ignores me. Yeah I bring my phone but just to contact my mom to let her know when I am coming home or if anything happens. When she is hanging out with me she is always texting her boyfriend, her dad, my mother and her other friends too.


Here is something that is really pissing me off besides one more thing. She came over on I believe it was Tuesday, Wednesday and then she came last night. Tuesday she stayed until 9:30pm, Wednesday she stayed until 8:30pm and then last night she stay until probably 8:35pm and the only reason she left was because one of her other friends almost got hit so she had to go and rescure her. The thing that pissed me off about that is because she can go rescure and drive her other friend around but she can't come pick me up and bring me to school in the morning for one day. Something that pissed me off to about yesterday is I was helping set up for this school event we are having today and the whole time she was texting me bugging me to know when I'm done. I didn't know when I was going to be done or not and she ended up telling me that she was coming to get me when I wasn't even done setting up and she told me to wait outside. It was freezing outside I mean it was freezing out. I ended up having to go to the bathroom and when I came out my friend was walking down the hall way and started bitching at me saying that she was trying to call me, she tried texting me, she yelling at me to hurry up and that she had been there for awhile. Well sorry I had to go to the bathroom. She was getting pissed off at me for going to the bathroom basically. Then when we got home I opened the car down and I couldn't close it I had my jacket in my hand with a water bottle and she got me to hold onto her wallet and phone. Then when she took her phone and wallet I went and opened the back door to get my bag and then she starts bitching at me to why she doesn't understand why I can left a door open. One last thing that pissed me off yesterday that she did was she goes to leaves and then turns around says "I'll see you tomorrow" and after she leaves my mom tells me that my friend is not coming over tomorrow. What happens I ended up texting my friend saying I can't hang out tomorrow and this was her response "Okay? I'm busy anyways tomorrow I'm hanging out with my boyfriend and my other friend all day". She ended up texting me that after she left and said that she would see us tomorrow.

One other thing that pisses me off is we are in a leadership class together me and my friend. We have been paired up 3 times. The first time was to do a coach profile and what happens my friend tells me to stay after school to interview one of the coachs. She said that she can't stay after school because she has to catch the school bus and her bus leaves at probably 3:20pm but here's the thing I catch the city bus and the city bus leaves at 3:15pm and the bus doesn't get up to my school until like 3:20-3:25. So I don't have time to stay after school but the next bus won't leave until 3:45 and I won't get home until 5:05pm. The second time we were paired up was to do a characteristic profile well we went to this one teacher and she made me knock so I could get bitched at by the teacher, she made me talk and then yesterday was our rememberance day assembly and I didn't go and the one teacher we picked ended up giving me a name for the characteristic. What happens she tells me to take a pic and send it to her. Well I did and she got pissed off because I didn't ask what grade, what position, what sport. I was doing my school work and the teacher was updating our marks. So we didn't have time to sit and chat for half and hour.


One last thing that pisses me off is that our teacher wanted the whole leadership class to help with the drive event. She said everyone has to sign up to help. Well my friend didn't. When the one girl asked her what time my friend could come at until what time. My friend said that she has hockey all day. Then she went and told the teacher a few days later that her dad is out of town for 2 weeks and that she has to drive her brother to the airport and wait there until he gets onto his flight and the flight leaves and then she ends up texting me yesterday saying that she is spending the whole day with her boyfriend and her other friend. When she could have helped out this whole time with the drive event. There are people that are helping out with the drive event even thought they have to work today. I'm on student council and I'm stucking there helping. I was suppose to be helping from 7:30am-5:30pm. Everyone else has to work and do everything well she just sit back and doesn't have to do anything. She didn't even volunteer to help set up last night but she asked the teacher if there was anything she could do to help leading up to the event well she could have helped out last night. When we needed people's help.

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Comments (3)

  1. varuben

    she seems kinda…like entering in ur life with force.

    November 12, 2016
  2. eviltemptress

    Get a new friend. She obviously is not a true friend to you. She seems to want you around when she has nothing better to do. And I am a little old school, but texting is not to be used as a replacement for conversation. checking in from time to time is fine, but not every little thing that happens during the day. I hate to say this, but you need to stop texting your mom continuously when you hang out with her. You stated you text your mom while you are with her because she wants to know what you are doing; but you seem to not notice that you are doing the same thing to her that you are complaining about when she is with you. Ask your mom to give you some space to actually be with your friends. Then you will actually have something to TALK to her about when you get home.

    November 15, 2016
    1. invisiblegirl173

      Here’s when I text my mom. Once I get to her place I text her letting her know that I got there safe. The second time I text her is about 2 hours before I go to leave or go to sleep to let her know what we are doing or where I’m leaving to then. The third time I text her is right before I fall asleep and then I shut my phone off. Then when I wake up at maybe 11:00am I turn my phone on, then have something to eat and then my mom calls around 1:00pm to let me know what time they are going to pick me up. When I’m not sleeping over and we are just hanging out I’ll text my mom to let her know that I got to her place safe and then before my mom comes picks me up she’ll text me asking me what I am doing and to let me know what time she is coming to pick me up at. Other than that I am never on my phone when i am with her but every 2 seconds she is texting someone when I’m hanging out with her. I’m not doing the same thing as she is doing so stop accusing me of doing the same thing. 1) I don’t text my mother every 2 seconds 2) I don’t text my other friends when I am hanging out with her 3) I’m not texting my dad when or my sisters when I am hanging out with her 4) I’m not texting my boyfriend when I am hanging out with her. Her boyfriend called her once because he was worried about where she was because they have couple GPS trackers on each others phones to track where each other are.

      November 19, 2016