My Life

If any of you guys read my latest blog about my friend and I having a fight then you would know that she acts like her life is hard when it sounds like a good life. Yeah well she thinks she knows my life and she thinks I have this perfect life compared to her when I don't. Here's my life. 


  • I almost died 3 times when I was 6 months old

  • I was in the hospital again because I almost lost my eye

  • I had glass all in my foot and hands

  • I smashed my face off a chair

  • I got a piece of wood stuck in my butt

  • I was held back in Sk

  • I had to have psychical therapy and speech therapy

  • I've been to 3 different schools

  • I've can only remember being in like 4 houses but it could have been more

  • I swallowed my own tooth

  • No schools would take me in London

  • My dad was having trouble finding a job

  • My mom can't get a job because she has a disability

  • I have 2 sisters with a disability and one of them only has a full brain but only half works

  • My parents would fight all the time

  • I was bullied all the way from Sk all the way up to 12th grade

  • I have a disability that I'm lucky I've gotten out of. Someone did a test on me and they found out that I read things backwards so it's harder for me to learn but some how I found a way to overcome it. I still have it but I found away to deal with it and no one knows how I did and she thinks everyone can do it.

  • I overcome my disability

  • My dad always compares me to my sister

  • People are saying my dad isn't my real dad

  • My dad's not my birth certificate

  • The photo my mom has of me when I was a baby says May 14th 1998 and then there is a photo saying May 11th 1998 but no photo of my actual birthday which is May 12th 1998.

  • I've been threaten to get shot by a friend before

  • I've almost been ran over a few times

  • I've done drugs

  • I've drank before. Once I drank 3 cups of broken down golf cart, whiskey, a beer, and 2 shots of Green lime liquor. Then I did it again the next day. Just a few weeks ago I had a bottle of Green lime liquor.

  • I hardly get to see my father because he works everyday. I only get to see him once a week

  • My parents just separated and is filing for a divorce

  • I have no money for college

  • My family is having a hard time with paying bills that I help whenever I can

  • I buy my own stuff

  • I'm dealing with a rare disorder

  • I'm battling with depression

  • When I was younger I was bulimic where I would make myself throw up because I didn't like the way I looked

  • From 9-12 I would not eat at all. I wouldn't eat breakfast or lunch sometimes I wouldn't even eat supper.

  • I had to go see a therapist because of my depression

  • I have duck feet which means I need special shoes which are like probably $300.00 and then I need something else which cost like $100.00 a month.

  • I have holes in my stomach which means I can only eat certain foods and drink certain stuff.

  • I have problems with my ovaries which could mean I might not be able to have kids.

  • I have bad knee problems and I might need surgery because my sisters friend has the same problem as me and he needs surgery but mine could be worse. First they thought that it was water now it looks like a tissue in my knees.

  • I was in the hospital in the 8th grade and let me tell you I was in the hospital for 2 days. I wasn't feeling well one day and when I mean not feeling well I mean I wasn't. I had a sharp pain on my right side, I couldn't eat anything because I would just throw it up after eating it the same when it came to drinking pop, water, milk or juice. Then we decided to go to the hospital and they did a blood work test, a pee test and got me an ultrasound and they couldn't find anything wrong. We go back a few days later and then they put me in the ER and I found out that there was 3 different reasons to what was happening with me. 1) my ovaries 2) my kidneys 3) my appendix. I was out of school for 4 days

  • I ended having laryngitis and tonsillitis on and off for 2 years

  • I was put on pills for my rare disorder

  • I was in the hospital again because I had a sharp pain and turns out I had a cyst on my left ovaries which my friend didn't believe that something was actually wrong with me

  • I was in a cast

  • I was in the hospital again.

  • I was out of school for 2 weeks last year because of the stomach flu and I passed my classes with 70's-90's.

  • My parents push me to get these high grades

And let me tell you that's not all that's happened. That's not including my family stuff, my relationships or friendships and she says she has a hard life. She acts like she knows my life when she don't. Yeah maybe I don't have the worst life out there but my life is worse than hers.  

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