My Relationship (Part 1)

I feel like my relationship is complicated when it shouldn't be.


At the start he would come over and we would just hang out as friends and then we kissed and the next day we started to date. It was perfect at the start. He would come over, we would talk for hours on facebook, we could talk about anything and he would buy me stuff like necklace, earrings, candy, and nose rings. Then all of sudden he slept over at my place and since then I feel like our relationship changed. The next day after he slept over he ended up getting sick and for like 5-6 days I didn't get to see him or talk to him because he was sleeping alot. Then when I finally got to see him it felt nice to see him then the next day he ended up leaving town to help his grandparenrs so I didn't get to see him until the the 30 of November. Then in December it was right around our 2 month anniversary he ended up leaving town a few days before that and wasn't going to be back until the 22 which meant we wouldn't be celebrating our 2 months together but when I got offered to volunteer at school he was upset that we weren't going to be together on our 1 month anniversary so I decided not to do it. The thing is he didn't even tell me that he left town until the day before our 2 month anniversary. The 22nd I believe was the last day I saw him. We didn't get to spend christmas together because on the 23 he had family out of town come up, 24 he had a family dinner, 25 he had another family dinner and the 26 he had another family dinner, then the 27 his best friend was coming up for a week. So the last 3-4 days they have been hanging out together and we have hardly talked since the last time he came over. He said that he was going to come over on the 30 and what happened he never showed up and he only talked to me for a little bit and then I never heard from him the rest of the day. Then when I asked him if he was coming to the new years eve party it seemed like he got offended by me asking that because he said that I shouldn't be asking and then he asked what time he had to be at my place for. The thing that makes this worse is the fact that he said he has been depressed lately and that's why I haven't seen him for a few days. It's like he's shutting me out but he can go spend days on end when he's depressed with his friend but can't even stop by his own girlfriends place and say hey or can't even talk to her about it when me and him has been friends for 5-6 years before we even started to date. Oh and top of everything he had this friend who was girl and she messaged me a few months ago saying that I should date him and that he's a great guy so then after me and him had been together for a month the same girl messaged me saying that I took her boyfriend, that she could get him back whenever, that she was going to go over to his place and kiss him and send me pics. When I told my sisters boyfriend that he said that my boyfriend would never cheat on me or ruin the relationship but it was hard I actually almost broke down in tears because I've been cheated on before and I've had girls tell me that before. On top of the girl my uncle has a werid feeling about my boyfriend and my stepfather has a bad feeling about my boyfriend too.

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