My Relationship (Part 2)

This is the second part of My Relationship


Some people who have read the the first part might think maybe he didn't want me to see him depressed and that maybe he wasn't trying to shut me out. Here's the thing I have been going through stuff and I mean big stuff but I'm not shutting him out. The things I have been going through has made a huge change in my life and the changes could effect my future.


  1. My parents just separated in August and since then it has been hell. My parents are still fighting like crazy but worse then ever. After telling us that they were separating they were still sleeping together while my stepfather ended up having a girlfriend. They have been fighting out the kids having boyfriends, what we are doing in the house, who my mother hangs out with, where my mother goes, they fight about how my mother isn't giving him enough attention when he is talking to her, they were fighting over the fact that he takes time out to pick up his girlfriend when he should be spending it with the kids, fighting out the kids and saying they are going to take it to court, fighting over my stepfathers girlfriend and if he should be in our lifes and how my mother does nothing with the kids and fighting over who my sister gets to live with when she's 16. They were even fighting over the fact that my sister and her boyfriend wants to get married when they are 18.
  2. I'm struggling with depression, anxiety, and Trimethylaminuria which causes depression and social isolation. 
  3. I'm dealing with the fact that my sisters cousin is threatening to call the cops on me, my two sisters, my boyfriend and my sisters boyfriend for nothing.
  4. I'm dealing with university applications, what school I am going to, where I am going to stay, filling out scholarships, applying for OSAP, applying for Welfare, paying my phone bill, geting Cable set up at my aunties place.
  5. I had to deal with the fact that my mother hardly had money to do her for the month of December because she got a paycheck of $290 and ODSP check of $500 that our rent is like maybe $550, she had to pay a bill of $110 so that left her with $130. On top of that she had to pay another bill of $50.00 so when that was done she had $80.00. Then she had to go buy my sister pads $1.40 maybe with taxs, my other sister pads $6.00 maybe with taxes, she brought me pens $2.00 with taxes, a calendar $4.00 with taxes and she brought herself a calender too  which left her with $62.60 then she brought me supper which was $12.00 so it left her with $50.60. Then one day she brought everyone KFC which basically left her with no more money. There was one day where there was nothing for her to eat and she wanted pizze and it usually costs $15.00 so my grandma paid for her pizza. 
  6. I have doctors appointment all over the place because I might have something wrong that is causing me to black out so I have all these heart tests, brain tests and because of that I can't even drive until I go back and see him which sucks.
  7. A few weeks ago I ended up finding out the guy I have known to be my father isn't my biological father and that there could be 3 guys that could possibly be my father and one of them had a drug addition and was an alcoholic.


I am dealing with alot stuff and I'm not shutting him out. He was the one that said he's my boyfriend and I should be able to tell him anything and talk to him about anything well I'm his girlfriend he should be able to tell me anything and talk to me about anything.

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Comments (2)

  1. haydeeandgabriel

    It is a lot. But do not let those things bring you down. I have been through the same thing when I was young and my parents separated. I use those backlash as a challenge for me to be better than my mom and dad and to prove everyone that I will be a success no matter what. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here.

    January 08, 2017
    1. invisiblegirl173

      Okay thanks

      January 09, 2017