Relationship Problem

I have no clue what I should do. I don't know if I should talk to him because I'm scared to because I don't want fight with him or if I should just give up on the relationship.


Me and my boyfriend have been friends for 5-6 years and we did date before but we ended up breaking up because I was through some stuff and I couldn't handle a relationship at the time. Now we have been together for 1 month 2 weeks and 6 days. We have talked about if we want kids, if we want to get married, if we want to live together and because I'm leaving for university in a few months he came up with the topic why don't me and him find an apartment together down where I go to school. We even talked about sex and the relationship was awesome at the start but now I feel like it's complicated. At the start of the relationship he grave up a lot to be with me and he would buy me stuff each day but now I feel like he's not even putting any effort into the relationship. He doesn't buy me anything anymore and when we first got together he said he was going to spoil me and treat me like a princess. We haven't even went out on an actual date yet. At the start of the relationship I changed my status to in a relationship and then he confirmed it but now when you go on his wall it doesn't show that he's in a relationship you have to go into info to find out that he's in relationship and it won't even show for me when I'm his own girlfriend. He has been sick for 3 days and he's talked to me but last night was weird because I would always say "ttyl night" and he'll always say "ttyl love u sweet dreams sexy" and I would say "love u too" but last night when I said "ttyl love u" he didn't even read the message and he never even responded which is weird because he would always say I love you back. Then today he wouldn't talk to me at all and he wouldn't even talk to my sister. Which is weird because he always answers. I feel like this relationship started to go down hill when he slept over and share the bed. He wanted to do something and asked me if I wanted to do something but I wasn't ready and he respected that and the next morning he told me that he was going to come back and instead of coming back he fell back to sleep and when he felt he didn't even give me a kiss which is always weird because any other time when he leaves he always wants a kiss. I understand why he didn't show up because he was sick and he didn't tell me until the next day. Our second month is coming up next week and I just feel like this relationship is going to fall apart and he keeps on telling me that he doesn't want to lose me but if he doesn't start putting efford into the relationship like he did at the start then this relationship will be over and I don't want that I want to actually see where the relationship goes but ever since he slept over I feel like it changed the relationship. What should I do?

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    1. invisiblegirl173

      But I’m scared because the last 3-4 days he has been sick and we were friends before and I’m scared what if I’m over thinking it and then we ruin that friendship we did have.

      December 14, 2016
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