So tired

I'm so tired of my one friend. Me and her have had our differences in the past but she promised me that this year would be different well it's not. It's just gotten worse to the point where when I tell her something she uses it against me. Last night we got into a fight about everything. She ended up telling me that a friend of mine told her that I was complaining about her and talking bad about her and asking me if it's true. Then we start fighting about her relationship. There is something seriously wrong with her because she has a bad memory. I remember everything. She was dating a guy in the 8th grade and they started together until after 9th grade started then they broke up. After they broke up she went and dated my cousin for 4 days then they broke up just for her to go back with her ex then when that didn't work out again she went with another guy that she had known for a little while. What happened the guy only wanted to have sex with her and they broke up and then she got with the guy she is with now. They got together in like October or November and they go around telling people that they have been together for 4 years trust me it's only been 3 years. They even broke up twice so techically they haven't even been together for 4 years because in they were together for 4 years then they would have never broken up but they did because at her locker in I believe 10th grade she was crying and I asked her what was wrong and she said that her and him broke up. Oh and before that he tried dumping her for another girl and she wouldn't allow him she would get me to spy on him and tell her if he was on facebook or when the last time he was on facebook just to make sure he wasn't cheating, when a friend of mine told me that she saw my other friends boyfriend kissing another girl during the summertime of 9th grade I went and told my friend and she denied the whole thing. She's told me that he only has sex with her when he's stressed, that he would rather touch another girl than her, she thougt he was in love with his cousin. On the topic of her relationship she had the nerve to say that I know nothing about her relationship when she's the one that's complaining to me about her relationship so I do know her relationship. After we finished fighting about that we started fighting about who has the harder life. She doesn't talk to anyone in her house, she has a mental illness, she complains about her mother and her father and her brother. I've been over to her place and I'll tell you her brother jokes around with her and is nice to her. Her dad gives her responsability, he gives her freedom, he's giving her a car, he's allowing her to move out, she's been in the hospital when she was younger. She says she never gets to see her mother. She goes to and drives down there every weekend and her mother brought her things for her birthday. Her mother brought her a necklace, makeup, shoes and her mother is suppose to be sending her money throught the mail. She makes it sound like she has this hard life when really her life isn't that hard. She just wants everyone to feel bad for her. Her dad makes $90,000 a year, he's giving her a car, allowing her to move out, her boyfriend buys her lunch, jewelry, takes her out to the movies, to restaurants, he's paying $10,000 for both of them to go to Europe in March, she has a trust fund of $15,000 for college, her dad takes her on trips that are out of town. She's been to Paris, England and places like that. The way she explains things. It sounds like she has a good life and is just trying to get people to be sympathetic for her and she acts like she is a victim. 

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