Update On My Life

Hey everyone that reads my blogs. I know it's been a long time since I last updated and the reason for that is because I have a lot of stuff happening. Yesterday I woke up early but ended up falling back to sleep which turned out to be a bad idea because I was woken by my two younger sisters crying and my auntie wakes up saying that I need to go check on my mother and my mother was on the floor crying. I ended up finding out that my sisters greatgrandma passed away and when my mother was stable enough she called my step-father. She asks him if he is sitting and she tells him and he just breaking down in tears. The thing is I've never seen or heard him ever cry until yesterday. We found out that there wasn't going to be a funeral but there is a will and my step-fathers uncles are in charge of the will and we found out that greatgrandma passed away at 7:30am that morning. The thing was my one sister kept on asking my mom if she heard anything about greatgrandma but no one called us to give us updates and then the night before I wasn't feeling well I was sick to my stomach and usually when I am sick to my stomach it means something bad is going to happen. Then the night before yesterday I got into a fight with one of my boyfriends friends or ex friend and he was calling me a lot of names and telling me shit that my boyfriend send about me when the messaging weren't even about me. Something else that happened me and my boyfriend were suppose to meet up at the library for our anniversary but guess what happens. I end up getting ready and I walk out and then my mom calls me and tells me that I have to go pay phone bill before I went to the library. Well I got to the library at 11 I think and I sat there until 3 and there was no sign of him and my mom wanted to go home at 3 to eat so my auntie picks me up and brings me home and guess what happens. I ended up getting back down to the library after 4 and I waited until almost 7 and there was still no sign so my mom came picked me up. Then the next day I found out that he was at the library at 4 because he was running late. So my mom made me miss him and I told her that I didn't want to leave in case I missed him and then he said that when he didn't see me he was sad. Now I feel like an asshole.

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  1. haydeeandgabriel

    good to hear you are fine

    March 20, 2017